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Brock Miller


Grand Isle Bull Ride

Bait+More Bait=Bulls

After waking up at 3am, fishing all day for a trout tournament, and not finishing up with the awards until about 4pm, I will admit I was not feeling down to pedal around the pass in search of bull reds... One look at the weather and a few recollections of past October trips did the trick and we were headed to the island. As we launched out of Bridgeside and headed to jig our Rat-l-Traps around the bridge pilings, I noticed pelicans diving about a half mile from the bridge. I kept my eye on them but focused on fishing the bridge in hopes that we wouldn't have to go that far.

After about 10 minutes of scanning to no avail and no bites trolling, I gave in. The pelicans were just too enticing, because I knew what might be swimming around underneath them. We quickly pedaled to where they were diving and of course, they left the area as soon as we got there. I did notice that although the birds left, the Lowrance was lit up with more bait than we could ever need. Normally if you fish around this kind of action, one bull will mess up and give up the location of the whole school. Trolling did not produce anything right away, so I headed to a nearby drop off to try my luck.

Found them

About two casts into fishing the ledge revealed the one fish that would give it all away. I felt the Super Trap get NAILED and a short fight ended up with the first 40"+ bull red in the boat. My brother slid into the same position as I was handling my fish and hooked up no less than 60 seconds later. 

The following 45 minutes were almost indescribable... Bull reds schooling on top of the water between floating pods of jellyfish, multiple tanks trying to eat the same Rat-l-Trap, and a constant stream of fish flowing across the Lowrance. The bait never left the area and the bulls wouldn't leave the Super Traps alone. I honestly cannot say exactly how many we ended up catching, but I can comfortably say we were well into the double digits. 

We ended the day with two triple hookups, multiple doubles, and enough memories to last a lifetime. This year has really shown out when it comes to bull reds, but I think that day may have topped all of the others.

Gear Used: 2022 Hobie Outback | Lowrance Elite 7ti2 | Zpro 30ah Battery | Bill Lewis Fishing Super Trap (1.5 oz)

Photos by Josh Lewis


Brock Miller, Owner/Operator- LACK

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