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Why should you install a Bumper Bro on your kayak?

Protect Your Investment, Preserve Resale Value, and Gain Peace of Mind

Kayaks are not “cheap” anymore... protect your investment

Resale values are heavily impacted by the wear and tear on the bottom of your kayak... get more $$$ when you sell it

The bow of your kayak is typically the first area to wear down... have peace of mind knowing you are eliminating the risk of damage.

How to Install

We recommend using Marine Goop when installing the Bumper Bro on your kayak.

Also, silicone can be applied to the edge of the bumper after the Marine Goop has dried. This will prevent debris from getting in between the guard and your kayak. 


What Our Customers Say

Scott Savko

I finally installed one of these on my 2021 Outback after a year of unintentionally dropping and dragging the nose of my kayak on boat launches. The install was simple, though I highly recommend using the Marine Goop adhesive (as advised by LACK) rather than the JBWeld marine adhesive (the adhesive is a white paste and makes for a messy install). Once installed, my worries of damaging the nose of my kayak went away. Not that I abuse my kayak, but there are moments, especially after a long day of fishing in 100-degree weather, where I make bonehead decisions and accidentally drop/scrape the nose of my kayak. Now I don't have to worry as much about cracked or cut plastic.


Albert Chee

This is a great product to have. The plastic is like a kydex material. It’s super hard and can take a beating. Super easy to install with Marine Goop. I typically drag my yak through some stuff and this product gives you a peace of mind. I know it will hold up. Dragged it on concrete a few times and it holds up.                                                       

Butch Ridgedale

This is one of the first things I add when I get a new Outback, I load my Kayak stern first and always land the bow on the ground first and this product will save it from wearing down the nose. I've tried other brand but this is the best on the market by far



Ian Gileski

This keel guard is a no brainer in my mind, particularly for the current Outback model with the exposed rudder system. This guard provides the needed front keel protection necessary when loading and unloading your Outback nose first, which protects the rudder assembly during transport and launching from any accidental damage. I have had it installed for over 20 excursions so far and it can take a beating! Pair it with the Guard tape, and your kayak is well protected on the underside... thereby extending the life of your kayak..and also increasing the resale value if you ever decide to sell it. Trust me, you won't regret this purchase!


Josh Lewis

Tough on your kayak? Yeah me to. But this little guy eases the mind a little bit. Super tough material. Protects a major wear area. And at this price point, why would you not pay for the added protection?


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