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Why should you get a Kayak Kushion?

All Day Comfort Compatible with any Kayak

We guarantee this is the one kayak accessory you will NEVER regret buying...

Crafted in the USA with a lightweight breathable material, the Kayak Kushion has quickly become one of the most popular products on the market.

How to Install

Simply use the two attached cam-lock straps to secure the Kayak Kushion to your seat!

No need to remove when traveling or when it gets wet. The Kushion is built to withstand anything you throw at it and will airdry on its own thanks to a breathable design


What Our Customers Say

Josh Lewis

Ever sat in an outback seat all day? Yeah it’s not that comfortable. You know what is comfortable? These cushions! Your bottom end will thank you for buying this. And your back.


Tristan Madere

After speculating that I really needed it I finally got one. After about Three trips I can honestly say I have no idea how I went on trips without it.

Butch Ridgedale

Had a comfortable seat Cushion but wanted to give the Kayak Kushion a shot, I'm glad I did, all day comfort and I really like the tie down strap to secure it to my seat. If you haven't tried one your missing out.

Aaron Hauck

Purchased a Cushion for my kayak and I’ve got to say wow! this thing is way more comfortable than I thought, for how thin it is. I even bought a 2nd one for my back and doubled the comfort. Worth it! Especially for those long haul all day fishing trips. This is a must have for my kayak seats from here on out. Highly recommend!                                     

Jonathan Carter

I never thought I would love this cushion as much as I do but it makes my fishing trips so much more comfortable. I can fish all day and jump right out of my seat like nothing happened!


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