Neverlost Mini Pedal Drive/ Rod Leash

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The Neverlost Gear Mini Rod and Paddle Leash was designed to keep your important gear with you while having a smaller footprint than our larger rod and paddle leash. There are a ton of uses for these leashes but our customers love to use these on their crate setups to keep their fishing rods in their rod holders. These are also great for attaching to tools, paddles, go pro mounts, etc... the possibilities are endless.


  • Over 4 foot of stretch length
  • Strap on one end with a tightening cord lock
  • Metal Carabiner
  • Heavy duty crimps designed for much tougher media such as steel
  • Superior quality heat shrink tubing over the crimps to muffle sounds when hitting your vessel
  • The Neverlost Logo because if your leash doesn't say Neverlost Gear then you gear may be lost.